October 2023.

A career and leadership initiative, across four Madibeng community schools, is helping learners to make better-informed choices. Recognising the importance of addressing potential barriers, the Grades 9 to 12 programme, aims to ensure that learners are motivated to remain in school and are better prepared for life and the world of work.

“The learners were very happy to have the opportunity to gain knowledge about their career prospects. This knowledge has the potential to make a difference for them not only in their current studies but also in the future. The workshop gave them valuable information that helped them understand how they learn, and they could talk openly about what they like and what challenges they face,” said Mrs Morolong, Educator at IB Damons Combined School, Damonsville, Brits.

Funded by De Wildt Solar and implemented by the Khenn Institute, this comprehensive Career Guidance and Leadership Development programme, which will run over a two-year period, is benefitting more than 1500 learners. It aims to increase the number of learners pursuing further education and training, which is currently a challenge in the local area. It will also equip those seeking employment with essential skills to enhance their chances of success in the job market.

“We are committed to developing the education sector and empowering young people in the areas where we operate. With this initiative, we aim to inspire and empower learners, providing them with the essential skills and knowledge required to make well-informed career decisions. By fostering a sense of purpose, this programme will encourage learners to remain committed to their education and stay engaged in school,” stated Julius Nong, Community Projects Officer for De Wildt Solar.

Initiated in May this year, the first leg will run until October 2023, with subsequent sessions planned from February to July next year. During this extended period, the project aims to create at least two contract jobs and hire one small business from the local area, further benefiting the community.

The programme includes: building learners’ interpersonal effectiveness and self-efficacy; enhancing self-esteem and motivation; developing leadership skills; maximising career awareness; and providing access to opportunities necessary for success in society. Additionally, the programme assists learners with tertiary applications; offers guidance for informed career and life decisions, and introduces them to De Wildt Solar’s Scholarship programme, prioritising access to tertiary studies within the beneficiary communities.

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