March 2023.

Developing youth through sports is at the heart of a training programme facilitated by the South African Football Coaches Association (SAFCA) in the Madibeng Municipal area.

Over 30 coaches from Damonsville, Mothotlung, and Mmakau communities participated in this programme, which was aimed at providing much-needed opportunities for the local youth to develop their skills and qualifications, and to gain exposure to formal opportunities within the sporting sector. As a result of this programme, one of the participating coaches has received employment at the local school as a Netball Coach.

Funded by De Wildt Solar, the purpose of the programme was to develop young aspiring coaches, team owners and young players to formalize their operations and to expose them to other opportunities available through partners, as well as to motivate the youth to continue living active and healthy lifestyles. The training covered various topics, including Sports Management, Maximal Training, Football and Netball Playing Philosophy.

“By supporting sports development, we can help to unite communities and contribute to the healing of traumatised societies. Whatsmore, participating in sporting activities provides community members with a sense of purpose and belonging” stated Julius Nong, Community Project Officer for De Wildt Solar.

Upon completion of this accredited training, the coaches and team owners were awarded with Certificates in Sports Management and Administration. The programme is planned to continue capacitating the Coaches with D-License and Level 1 Certification for football and netball respectively.

“I’m thrilled to have De Wildt Solar and SAFCA on board as we plough back into our community.,” said former Moroka Swallows player and resident of Mmakau, Patrick Baloyi of Nda Tirha Media House, which is the local service provider that runs this programme. “We’re now working on creating netball and soccer leagues, giving coaches and players a platform to showcase their talent and we would like to thank De Wildt Solar for walking this journey with us.”

This flagship programme forms part of De WiIdt Solar’s sports development initiative, which was implemented last December at Sekwati Primary School, in Mmakau.

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