August 2023.

In a bid to empower and uplift the youth in the Madibeng Local Municipal area, a new sports development programme was launched in Mmakau earlier this year. Building on the success of last year’s programme, this initiative aims to expand its reach and impact by formalising sports teams’ operations and providing support to young coaches to enhance their professional skills and achieve their dreams.

Implemented in partnership with Nda Tirha Media House and the South African Football Coaches Association (SAFCA), this support programme includes establishing a local football and netball association, an active football and netball league, and the facilitation of SAFA D License. Additionally, the programme will select recommended coaches for the scholarship programme, facilitate level 1 netball certification, host a sports indaba, and festive games.

“I’m grateful for the sports development programme initiated by Mmadamo LFA and the netball league. This shows that there is progress being made as we aim to uplift the communities of Mmakau, Damonsville and Mothutlung,” said Moumong FC coach, Junior Ndove.

Not only does the programme motivate the players and coaches to train and be ready for match days, but its influence has also expanded to small and medium business enterprises in all three communities. Furthermore, coaches and team owners will receive accreditation in the form of formal qualifications and two youth coaches will be put forward to study at a TVET for Sports Administration, Sports Psychology, and Sports Management.

“Our aim is to motivate players to continue living an active healthy lifestyle and expose them to opportunities in professional sports. Moreover, this sports development programme will have a significant impact on local communities, by formalising sporting activities and teams through SAFA and SAFCA and creating employment opportunities for young people passionate about sports,” stated Julius Nong, Community Project Officer for De Wildt Solar, which funds this programme as part of its sports development initiative.

This flagship programme is planned to roll out in phases throughout the year, with the first phase having commenced in the second quarter of 2023. By promoting sports activities and initiatives in the local communities, this programme also seeks to foster unity and provide a platform for the youth to showcase their talent and potential.

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